Jonathan Clare - Web / Visualize / Mapping / Develop
Quinta de Vodra
A simple, clean, responsive website for the B&B at Quinta de Vodra. I focused on search engine optimization and developing a one page, mobile first site that could be easily maintained by the owners.
Snow Scotland
I wanted to be able to access the latest information about snow conditions for Scotland in one place. Snow Scotland was the result. The site aggregates data from different pages and delivers it in a one page app optimized for slow internet connections.
Data Store Explorer
The Data Store Explorer is a responsive mapping application, embedded in a larger data intelligence site. It utilises curated data from ArcGis Online and ArcGIS API for JavaScript to help deliver and understand key information about a region. As well as being able to function as a standalone page the site also had to be configurable as an ArcGis Online App
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
ECDC were looking for ways to improve the availability and accessibility of their data. I spent several months working with a group from ECDC to build The Surveillance Atlas of Infectious Diseases. The work involved integrating InstantAtlas Desktop with backend GIS and REST API services hosted by ECDC, plus training of in-house developers.
InstantAtlas Desktop
InstantAtlas Desktop is a set of tools for designing, populating and publishing dashboards to the web. One of my main responsibilities was creating templates that our customers could use as a basis for their own dashboards. Not only did the templates have to look good, but they also had to be capable of being customized, styled and designed by non-technical people using our desktop tools.
InstantAtlas Dashboard Builder
InstantAtlas Destop in the cloud. We wanted our customers to be able to store, design and publish dashboards online.